Bachelor Pt 3: The Private Club


This was a custom and his name is used throughout, it’s been a while since you last went to a strip club, the last time you went was to see the crazy hot stripper that you fucked twice in the back room, but this time when you walk into the new private strip club you are shocked to see Korina on stage, she calls you over and remembers you from the other club, it’s the reason she is at this new club is getting busted draining your balls in the private room, but tonight she tells you she wants you to fuck her right on stage, you use to be shy but she has really brought you out of your shell, you aren’t brave enough to fuck her right away but she convinces you to eat her pussy, now its your turn, Korina takes your dick and drains you 3 times xxx she is such a dirty stripper slut This video is the sequel x3 to Bachelor cum marathon, and involves a sexy strip show, stripper moves, POV pussy eating, sloppy blowjob, ridding both ways, doggy, 3 cum shots, and a short shower scene at the end

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