The Scientist Pt 4 The Side Effect


This is the 4th instalment into the Scientist series, this video picks up where the 3rd left off, I am back in the lab and after more studying of the cum pill I discover a side effect after a major dose, I rush out of the lab and call my boyfriend to let him know to be prepared for the best night ever, I arrive and tell you to trust me, I ask you to take the whole bottle, once you do it hits you and you knock out cold, you awake to me standing over you wearing nothing but a lab coat and I tell you that you can NOT cum, I pull my hitachi out and start to touch it to your cock, then it happens it grows to double the size, “honey we did it” how again I edge your new bigger cock and now it hits you again, wow double that size too, you are now a 14″ monster cock and I have to have it, you stretch me out and I scream in pleasure, you fill me up, but omg your semen contained so much of the pill that I am having a reaction and immediately get my hitachi and squirt in you cum puddle, wow the side effect works, the next morning you wake up to find me making coffee, “its worked honey the side effect made my tits bigger” the sight makes you soak me in cum right there xxx

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