Brother Caught and Blackmailed


This is the sequel to Daddy caugh me, I am home alone and bored so I call my friend and ask to go to the mall, when I am off the phone I decide to go into my brothers room, he is not home and I start to snoop around, when I see a folder that say “jerk off” I open it and find pictures of our mom in it, I sit on the couch waiting for my little brother to arrive and confront him with everything I have found, embarrassed and upset I continue to hold this info over his head and tease him, when I admit I have secrets of my own I tell him that I started escorting and daddy caught me, I also say how daddy fucked me and bought me that BMW to keep me quiet, I then go onto tell you I’m a sexaholic, and begin to tell you my tits are basically the same as moms, and if you don’t show me your cock right now I am going to tell everyone, I begin to suck your cock and tell you to fuck your big sister, I get fucked doggy, ridding and missionary, I convince you that because I am your sister I can’t get pregnant and that you should cum inside me, I finger my pussy full of cum when Dad walks in….This video has family taboo talk and virtual sex with some POV with a dildo

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