Cat Burglar: Stealing the Family Jewels


I’m a cat burglar know for my brains as well as my beauty and have the ability to get out of any situation, no matter how sticky it is, I’ve been hired to steal Prince Lance’s family jewels. I break into his palace and while conducting my search for the jewels, he catches me red-handed while going thru his valuables. I try and talk my way out of it, but he’s not buying it and is going to call the proper authorities. I decide that I’m going to have to use your feminine talents and seduce him to get out of the situation. I know that no man alive can resist my beauty and he’ll soon be under my spell as I’m an expert on cum extraction. I begin to tease him by fondling my whole body over my outfit. I wryly smile and begin to talk dirty to him while continuing to fondle yourself. Once I see he’s getting excited, I begin to slowly play with my zipper revealing my wonderful cleavage and then hiding it while still talking dirty and tell him to take his cock out of my pants. As he’s already under my control and in a cleavage trance he happily complies. As his arousal continues to grow I begin to slowly strip to make sure I’m going to extract every last bit of cum while continuing to play my tits and pussy while continuing to talk dirty. Knowing you are now in complete control I begin to fuck him in my favourite positions. This continues thru several orgasms for both of us and he grows progressively weaker with each major cum extraction. In fact I have drained so much cum from him, his mind goes completely blank and he forgets everything that has just happened, who he is, who I am and where we are. I keep ridding him while I rob the lower safe

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