Don’t Let Her In


This was a custom and his name “Colin” is used, I am your daughters friend and when its pouring rain outside I show up on your door step saying my car broke down, with your wife and daughter away and you know me to be a sweet girl so you let me in, while I dry off with a towel my dress is still soaking wet and ask if you could put it in the dryer, when I undress you are over come by urges and tell me how beautiful I am, I start to suck your cock and we make passionate love (POV Virtual) the next morning I am in the kitchen making coffee and I am wearing your wifes sexy slip, you know that your wife and daughter will be home soon so you ask me to leave, I get upset and try to seduce you again and claim that I want to be your new wife, when I see that you are not agreeing I knock you out.

    Another scene opens with me getting ready in the mirror and an inner monolog showing that I have snapped and I will not be treated like a fuck doll, I secretly recorded everything last night and I plan to ruin your life. You awake to me standing over top of you, tied up you are helpless as I flaunt my sexy curves and beautiful lingerie around, I say I want to play a game, if you don’t get hard then I will let you go, but you fail and I grab my phone revealing that I recorded us and I post it to social media, then I begin to suck and fuck you in the most amazing angles until you cream pie me, I guess I am your new wife

This video is based on my favourite movie “Knock Knock” and is a phycological thriller, includes “homewrecking fantasy” “blackmail” “split personality” “evil brat” and it is a mini movie for you to enjoy

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