Real Estate Agent: Desperate Sale


This scene is fire, also a major fantasy of a lot of people, it is a custom video and his name is used throughout, I am a real estate agent and have gone 6 months without a sale, I prep myself in the car with a little inner monolog telling myself I will do whatever it takes, I greet you at the door but was expecting it to be you and your girlfriend, you explain she is at work for another hour so I decide to start showing you around, in the kitchen I get frustrated when I haven’t felt your excitement, I come clean and let you know how desperate I really am and start to unbuttoning my blouse, you resist but I continue to show more and more, eventually coming on so strong that I try to grab your cock, you back away but I don’t stop I strip down and get on my knees, I assure you that its not cheating if we only do oral, after a sloppy BJ and tit fuck I tell you that I just want to sit on you and tell you something but before you know it I have your dick locked between my thighs and thigh fucking you, I slip it in my pussy and its too late you have now given me what I want, we fuck in all positions with multiple cumshots, then once you cover my face in cum there is a knock on the door, its your girlfriend and I threaten to answer the door naked and tell her everything unless you sign the papers, I let you change and I answer the door and explain that this is her new home and I am her new real estate agent, but I have missed some cum on my face and lick it off in front of her

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