Romantic Airport Encounter


Hi this was a custom and his name is used, I am traveling back from visiting friends and family when I have landed for my connecting flight I see that its delayed over night, as I am updating my loving fans you spot me sitting at the airport bar, I am happy to meet you and learned that your flight is delayed too, I have an idea how about we split a hotel room? When we get in the room I start changing in front of you and see you are blushing and have a hard on, I smile and tell you I am in the mood to wind down with sucking on your nice hard cock, I don’t even get 3 licks in and you cum all over my tits, wow you are so excited I give you a min to prepare for a long fuck session to please me, you follow my instructions and give me cum in every position I ask for it, wow that was great sex xoxooxoxox Love Korina This video was filmed to be a mini movie, intro shot in the airport to capture the fantasy, also I rented a nice hotel to complete the fantasy

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