Scientist Pt 3: Female Cum Pill Trial


Dr. Kova is back! Welcome to “The Scientist pt 3” a few weeks after the anniversary dinner Dr. Kova has been so horny thinking of being covered in cum and filled up but you are busy working so much so she decides to turn on some bukkake porn and masturbate to satisfy herself, but when she tries 5 different toys and is unable to cum she is interrupted by you catching her in the act, she explains that she was just warming up and waiting for you, so she offers to go to the lab and pick up more cum pills and then have a good session, but when she calls you into the kitchen to surprise you naked on the counter holding the pills you say you need to take a quick shower, sitting there Dr. Kova gets impatient and wonders what would happen if she took a pill, the effects are immediate and she takes another one, it is overwhelming and she has to cum… squirting everywhere twice she frantically calls you because she needs to jump on your cock, ridding you she dumps pills in your mouth and more in hers, squirting all over you, it gets crazy she is possessed and is begging for you to fill her up, but you overfill her and it pours out before even taking your cock out, now on the counter the mess continues and squirting and a final cream pie, wow now the CUM PILL is female approved!

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