Size Queen


We are on a dinner date and I am really feeling you, but I have to be honest, I am a size queen and only fuck massive cocks, I make you a deal if you meet my standards then I will do anything you want, I will be a total slut for you, but if you are small then you leave with blue balls, we arrive back at my house and I unzip you to check your size OMG you are massive and not even fully hard yet, I look concerned but remind myself what I said and now I am sucking it, I ask to take a selfie with it so I can show you off to my friends, now I am leading you to my bedroom, I undress and jump on you, taking only the tip I cum so hard and apologize, cleaning up my mess licking and tasting myself, I climb on again and make it half way down cumming again, I promise I can take it all and now I am turning into a total slut titty fucking and receiving a huge load dripping it down and fingering myself with your cum, I can not get enough of your huge cock OMG This was all shot in real POV for a realistic experience with a massive 12 inch cock.

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