Stripper Mom Parties with College BBCs


This was a custom and his name is used throughout, I am your mom and you have been away at college, when you invite me to campus to show me around you are a little embarrassed when I arrive in a skimpy outfit, all the students start staring and I explain that I am proud of my son going to such a great school, when we are talking a group of black guys start whistling and they recognize me from the club, they invite us to a party but you do not want to go, I of course make you come and tell you that this is what college is all about and I will make you the most popular guy in school cause I will teach all of you how to party, I get on the dance floor and show off, I start taking more shots with your new friends and they decide we should go somewhere quiet to talk, we find a back room and the club music is still pumping in the background when I start to twerk and get horny, I tell you (my son) to stay out of my way and go sit in a corner, I start sucking the BBCs (3 of them) and servicing them when I look over and you have a hard on in your pants I tell you to take it out and stroke, when I see your cock I laugh and say that you are just like your father SMALL, I keep sucking the BBCs and decide I am ready to get fucked and used, I bend over and get spit roasted and taunt you in the corner of the room, then I get Fucked by the biggest one and say “This is how REAL men fuck” once I get a creampie I tell you I think I will be pregnant after tonight and show you the cum leaking from me, then I get on my knees and worship the BBCs until getting a double facial, I tell you to finish cause I want to go party more. Outside you hand me my jacket and I say “at least you are good for something” but then explain I will always love you even with a small cock. This video was shot on 2 locations, at a college and a nightclub and includes TABOO, BBC worship, BBC gangbang, Small penis humiliation, POV angles, Mom and Son role-play

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