The Scientist PT 2: Anniversary dinner 4K


This is the sequel to The Scientist: Extreme Cum Pill, I am your girlfriend and I’m a scientist that developed a cum pill to make you cum a lot, now its been a few weeks and it’s our anniversary so I decide to make a nice dinner for you, I ask you to take a double dose and go clean up for dinner, while you are out of the kitchen I open the capsules and empty the whole bottle in your food, after you eat I tell you I have over dosed you to ensure that I will get pregnant tonight! I take a few steps and the sight of my ass makes you need to cum now so I get down on my knees and start receiving your cum, I am covered and then strip and begin to take massive creampies so much that my tummy bloats as if I am pregnant already, after I am so full and bloated with cum take your extreme load over top of me. This video is amazing visually, it will bring you along for a story and leave you drained, lots of cum and I push my belly out to appear pregnant very hot

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