Truth or Dare Pt.2: The car ride home


This is a continuation of Truth or Dare, its been 2 days and I come into your room in the morning to let you know that your father is really upset as there was no hiding what was done with sending that pic of me covered in my sons cum, but I let you know I will still be there at your basketball game and eventually your father will forgive us. I am there cheering you on at the game and when we are driving home I pull over and say you deserve a reward, I tell you that the other night released my inner slut and I start stripping and grabbing your cock, I get aggressive and I’m very excited to have your cock again, sucking and fucking you wild in the car and trunk of the car I am the perfect mommy slut, you drain your cock all over my face when the phone rings, its your father and he is pissed that we are late. This video is heavy on the taboo talk and play and was shot in 3 different locations with lots of virtual sex and all POV

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