My Boss The Lawyer: Multiple Facials


This video was a custom and his name is used, I am your secretary and you have started your own law firm, the market is saturated and when I get a call from a potential client letting me know they went with the competition law firm I tell you I am worried that we dont have enough clients, you tell me I should wear tighter clothes and I let you know I can go shopping on my lunch, when I arrive back to the office you demand I show you the outfit right now, I am a bit reluctant but start to change in front of you, as I am showing you how tight they outfit is you take your dick out, I am shocked and you tell me if I want to keep the job I will get on my knees, you immediately cum on my face ruining the new outfit, I tell you I need to go shopping agin for a new tight outfit to wear tomorrow, the next day I arrive to the office very happy and tell you I bought a new outfit and before you ask I am putting it on, again you cant control yourself and I willingly get on my knees and except the facial, now another outfit is ruined, the following day I show up and tell you I have a new plan I bought bra and panty sets to try on so that you can get use to seeing my body and be able to control yourself, I get through 3 bra and panty sets and get on my knees for a 3rd facial, the next day you arrive to find me naked in your office and I tell you that I just think that I should fuck you silly to really help you get over this issue, we fuck virtual doggy, ridding, and missionary again you cover my face in cum

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