Who Framed Jessica Rabbit 4K


Hi everyone, this is my new large budget movie “Who Framed Jessica Rabbit” I worked very hard on this film and hope you love it as much as me. When I film a large project my whole heart and soul goes into the production down to every detail, I scout for the perfect location to film, this scene I found a piano lounge, I also had my costume custom made so it would be my own version of the character, I hire hair and makeup, and also a voice actor and annimator to play Roger in beginning, and a lot of planning goes into every scene, Thank you for considering to support my passion, and when you purchase it I am able to make more larger more involved videos I am Jessica Rabbit happily married to Roger Rabbit, when he tells me he will be away on business for a while and wants me to behave while he’s gone, I let him know I will do my gigs and go straight home. The next scene I am doing a performance in a Jazz bar and its very sexy, after my performance a detective comes to see me, he has been hired by Roger to investigate my infidelities, I immediately tell him how inappropriate it is that he come see me at this hour of the day, and while my husband is away I am so vulnerable! I start flipping the tables on Detective Colin and catch him staring at my tits and ass, I am a professional at using my looks to get what I want, and I want him to forget all about what he saw me doing with a stranger outside the bar last week, I take control and tease him until he is under my spell, I seduce him and show no mercy with my killer curves taunting him about other plain women he might like and how this is a dream come true for him, when I am finished I blow a kiss and reassure that my secret is safe now. This scene has 4 cum shots, lots of positions, dirty talk, and you will love every second of it Love Korina

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